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Lombok Sasak Tribe Tour

Duration: 10 Hours


There are two main Sasak Villages in Lombok, which are home to the local indigenous people. One is Rembitan, and the other is Sade. The Sasak people make up about 85% of Lombok's population, representing the majority of the island's people. The Sasak tribe is the biggest in Lombok. Village life is based around weaving and farming, as Lombok's fertile soil creates the perfect landscape for crops to thrive.

Sade Village is the more popular village to explore and provides insight into local life with traditional, original family homes still standing and in use. This village is well known for its hand weaving, and a walk through town will give you an insight into local customs and culture. Rembitan Village is a quieter and less touristy option. The culture can be explored through earthy pottery which you can see in Banyumulek, Penujak and Masbagik while weaving villages include Sade, Sengkol and Pringgasela. Other forms of art created by locals include bamboo baskets, wooden statues and carvings. The Lumbung Padi, identified by thatched roofs, which stretch to the ground, defines Sasak architecture. The low doorframe is also a distinct feature. The structure was built so that entrants had to bow in respect to those in the house. This design has now been adopted by tourists to create the iconic bungalow-style home. Lombok's Sasak Villages are a fascinating insight into the traditional Indonesian culture for you to explore.


Lombok is famous for its handicrafts and this tour will help you to discover what Sasak tribes are doing since generations. The Art of Pottery making and textile weaving will probably inspire you to get some of those pieces. First stop will be at Banyumulek Village to see pottery making process then drive to Benang Kelambu waterfall ,continue to visit Sukarare Village,hand weaving village in Lombok and last visit Sade Village to see traditional house of Sasak tribe in Lombok before back to hotel .





More Information

  • Air conditioned transportation
  • Lunch at Local restaurant
  • Mineral Water
  • English speaking guide
  • Entrance fee and donation
  • Children 2 to 5 years old are 50% of single charge
  • Tour Duration : 10 Hours with No Overtime Charge


  • Souvenir,Tipping for guide and other not mentioned in above program


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