Flores and Sumba Tour

Flores Island " Home of Stone Age megaliths " & Sumba " the Forgotten Island "

The remarkable and culturally significant Sumba, Flores, and Komodo islands in Indonesia are the focus of this tour. Marvel the ancient tribal cultures, ancient villages, pristine beaches, savannas, and marine ecosystems teeming with life with the leading of Flores and Sumba Tour.

Visit Flores Island can be reached by direct flights or even live-aboard cruises from Bali. It offers verdant landscapes dotted with multi-ethnic villages such as Luba and Bena with traditional houses. The interesting part is to see that their animistic beliefs are still very much present, even though Christians is the majority religion. There are excellent roads covering the island from east to west – interesting enough that so far tourist groups are hardly ever seen, and individual travelers predominate.

Sumba is known as the “Forgotten Island” of Indonesia. A well-kept secret amongst surfers and adventurers, this hidden gem is, surprisingly, only an hour’s flight away from the major tourist hub of Bali. Yet it has thus far remained largely untouched by the crush of Eat-Pray-Lovers that inundate its better-known neighbor. Sumba’s ancient indigenous culture is largely intact to this day. They practice an animistic faith called Marapu, centered on honoring ancestral lineage. The island is destination for Sumba adventure traveler; it doesn’t have the bars, restaurants, shops, and café culture of a place like Bali. Unless you are a true backpacker looking to homestay hop (always an option), opt for one of these all-inclusive hotels.

The most famous tourist attraction in Flores is Kelimutu, a volcano containing three colored lakes. It located in the district of Ende close to the town of Moni. These crater lakes are in the caldera of a volcano and have highly acidic water. The colored lakes change colors on an irregular basis, depending on the oxidation state of the lake from bright red through green and blue. Furthermore, Labuanbajo (on the western tip of Flores) is a town often used by tourists as a base to visit Komodo- and Rinca National Park. 

Labuanbajo also attracts many scuba divers, as whale sharks inhabit the waters around it. West coast of Flores is one of the few places that attract many divers. Near of it there are Komodo Island where Komodo Dragon can be found in the wild. The island is part of the Komodo National Park and a UNESCO heritage site. In September 2004, at Liang Bua cave in western Flores, paleoanthropologists discovered small skeletons that they described as a previously unknown hominid species named as Homo floresiensis.

Flores Overland Tours

Explore Flores driving from Ende to Labuan Bajo. During this trip you will encounter unbelievable landscapes, whether you are  a solo travelers , traveling with friends or on a family vacation, Flores Overland Tours will give you a great experience and a feeling of never seen with Flores travel company! In this program there is a mixture of exploring local traditional cultures, enjoying swimming in natural waterfalls and hot springs as well as the hiking the famous 3 color lake!

The Komodo National Park covers the islands of Komodo, Rinca and Padar, plus other islands is the Komodo Dragon’s original habitat. The UNESCO recognized it as a World Heritage Site in 1986. Together with two other large islands Rinca and Padar Island, Komodo Island and several surrounding small islands continue to be preserved as the Komodo sanctuary. Encounters the ‘last dragons’ in the world at Komodo National Park with Komodo Island travel company. We will hopping on a cruise to explore the pristine map of islands with our truly unique Komodo Island live aboard experience.

Can’t wait to experience the mystique? visit Flores Islands now! Feel free to contact Indonesia Impression Tour as one of Indonesia Travel Agent, and we will deliver the best Flores and Sumba Tour for you!

Discover Sumba Island Culture
Duration: 5 Days
USD 1.968
Discover Java Bali and the Komodo Island
Duration: 14 Days
USD 899
Explore Flores and Komodo Trails
Duration: 5 Days
USD 499
Discover Komodo in Rinca Island
Duration: 2 Days
USD 695
Explore Komodo The Dragon Island by Speed Boat
Duration: 3 Days
USD 699
The Dragon Komodo Islands Expedition
Duration: 3 Days
USD 3.500
Highlights of Indonesia; Bali, Java ,Tana Toraja, Flores and Komodo Island
Duration: 22
USD 2.599
Borneo Papua Komodo Expedition Tour
Duration: 14 Days
USD 528
Explore Sumba Island
Duration: 4 Days
USD 575
West Timor and Boti Traditional Village Tour
Duration: 4 Days
USD 1.898
Flores Komodo Sumbawa Overland Tour
Duration: 12 Days

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Whether you’re looking for a city-centred hotel, a relaxing beachside getaway or anything in between, we’ve found the very best accommodation to suit your needs and included them in our list of preferred Flores hotels.

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