Indonesia Impression Story

Our Story

Headquartered in the heart of Kuta Bali, Indonesia Impression is a tour company that specializes exclusively in arranging custom travel packages throughout Indonesia. We boast an impressive array of unique, highly exclusive and personalized vacation experiences throughout Indonesia. With over 22 years of experience and one of the finest in the business, we have proudly served thousands of satisfied guests to experience the wonders of the Indonesia. In short, Indonesia Impression Tour enjoys an impeccable, long-standing reputation and is highly recognized by leaders of the tourism industry throughout Asia.

Our Founding Principle

At Indonesia Impression Tour, we take tremendous pride in providing the most innovative, highest quality tour products in the marketplace. Unlike everyday commodities like electronics, household goods or even automobiles, there is no second chance for a sub-par experience when it comes to travel. That is why we here at Indonesia Impression Tour devote ourselves in “getting it right” the very first time. We are relentless when it comes to providing the best quality service to our clients — from frequent site and hotel inspections, to rigorous guide selection and evaluations, to crafting personalized itineraries to meet the needs of our esteemed traveler – You. Our expectation of our staff and suppliers is nothing short of providing our travelers the most memorable experience for years to come. Ask around. You will quickly find the reasons why Indonesia Impression Tour remains at the very top of the industry. Unwavering confidence. Uncommon expertise. Incomparable service. These are the founding principles behind every Indonesia Impression Tour Journey.


Since 2010, the very cornerstone of our success has been providing the absolute best service for our esteemed travelers. Our impeccable track record is the direct result of this very commitment and is why over 50% of our business comes from repeat clients and referrals. Our guests enjoy the peace of mind that they are looked after throughout their entire holiday experience in Indonesia — from the moment of their very first inquiry to the final return of their trip. With Indonesia Impression Tour, you have our assurance that your journey will always be richly rewarding, giving you the confidence and comfort in traveling with us.


As a leader in Indonesia travel, we are constantly defining new standards for the industry. While many tour companies are trimming costs by reducing service quality during the economic downturn, Indonesia Impression Tour remains absolutely steadfast on our client-centric principles and continues to rigorously find ways to improve our products & services each and every day. Simply put, Indonesia Impression Tour never compromises on quality. Period. We continuously enhance our programs by analyzing travel trends, conduct stringent quality checks on all aspects of our trips, and strengthen ties with our business partners to deliver the most ground-breaking, highest quality tour packages second to none. Our choice of airlines, luxury hotels and ground operators are amongst the very best in the business, most of whom have worked with us for decades. You can rely on Indonesia Impression Tour to bring you a level of service that goes beyond your expectations. We are committed to nothing short of providing you the most memorable experience to the Indonesia Archipelago.


Unlike many tour companies claiming to be experts in just about every destination on the planet, we here at Indonesia Impression Tour only focus in Indonesia; and have done so for the past two plus decades. And because Indonesia is all we do, we know it like the back of our hands. Go on, check around, then come talk to one of our real Indonesia experts and experience the difference. Further, while we strive to furnish the most expansive array of Indonesia travel packages in the marketplace, we also recognize there is no “one size fits all” itinerary for everyone. This is where experience truly counts. Our industry renowned President & CEO Mr. Wayan Suena commands over 20 years of leadership in Indonesia Travel, while each of our travel specialists possesses profound knowledge of the destinations we offer. This uncommon expertise enables us to swiftly tailor your trip to the Indonesia with absolutely boundless possibilities.

Indonesia Impression Tour takes you to the majestic island of the Gods in style and comfort