Borneo Kalimantan Hotels

A Glimpse of Kalimantan: The Exotic Beauty of Borneo

Occupying three-quarters of Borneo, the third largest island in the world, Kalimantan tours spells great adventures with Borneo Indonesia hotels into its vast and legendary jungles, abundance of fascinating wildlife, pristine natural landscape, enchanting well preserved traditional cultures, and a whole lot more amazing experiences.

Within this pristine paradise something extraordinary always lies around the next bend. From the exotic orangutan deep in the thick jungles, the mysterious Dayak villages who retain age-old traditions and way of life, to pure boating thrills along its countless rivers. Not only inland, the splendors of Kalimantan also lie beyond its seas which are filled with countless amazing creatures, perfect for those who enjoy diving, snorkeling, and underwater photography.

So, whether it’s for the cross Borneo trek adventure, encounter with the amazing creatures of the wild, or witnessing the traditional life of the Dayak, Kalimantan will definitely ensure great experiences.

Pangkalan Bun
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