Travel to Lombok & Gili Islands

Lombok the Hidden Paradise Island

With divine beaches, the majestic Mt Rinjani and spectacular marine life to discover, the island of Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara has no shortage of attractions both in and out of the water. It’s no wonder that Lombok become one of the most popular destination in West Nusa Tenggara. Here you can also visit the traditional villages and join the locals of Sasak tribe to experience their daily life in the weaving village of Sade and Rambitan during Lombok cultural tour. You may learn a thing or two from the wonderful women with meticulous weaving skills that produces fine quality textiles. You can get across the sea for Gili island tour or Sumbawa Island from the harbors in East Lombok. If you love exploring something new, you may find the black sand beach of Obel-Obel to be captivating!

In West Lombok, you can linger in Senggigi beach and discover the wild life at the Monkey Forest in Pusuk Village, right at the border between North and West Lombok. Just be careful with your belongings and keep them out of the monkey’s reach. Mataram is the center for government and industry. It consist of the old town district of Ampenan, Cakranegara as the commercial district and Mataram city as office district.

Make Lombok cultural tour, you must have time to visit the West Nusa Tenggara Museum, Mayura Garden and Narmada Park to find more stories about the island. For the adventurous spirit, you can explore Gili island tour or more of its south coast like the famous Tangsi ‘Pink’ Beach in further south east, with pretty corals making the shore looked blushed. Trek the path to find the amazing Senaru Waterfalls and Benang Kelambu Waterfalls for a soothing sight.

Mount Rinjani is one of the highest volcano in Indonesia, with its summit rising to 3,726 meters above sea level. The Segara Anak Crater Lake located on top of the volcano, is one of the scenic view you should stop by and marvel at!

Go Travel to Lombok right away and see by your own eye the hidden paradise here. Feel free to contact us for more info about Travel to Lombok.

Lombok Sasak Tours

Gili Trawangan or Gili T, is where travelers flock to enjoy a laid back atmosphere during day light and still are up to enjoy moonlit parties all night by the beach and Gili Meno is defined by long stretch of pearly white beaches that will give you a secluded feel. Famous for Lombok honeymooners destination, the island provide accommodation ranging from unique bungalows to luxurious resorts overlooking amazing panorama. Then Gili Air is a cheerful mix of the two vibes, where you can still enjoy parties in hip hang outs or succumb at a peaceful nook and just enjoy the ocean breeze.

Sade Village located in Central Lombok is popular village to explore Lombok island with Lombok travel agency and provides insight into local life with traditional, original family homes of Sasak tribe still standing and in use. This village is well known for its hand weaving, and a walk through town will give you an insight into local customs and culture.  Gili islands tour with Lombok’s sasak villages are a fascinating insight for you to explore with Lombok travel agency..

USD 2.250
Discover Toraja Lombok Bali Culture & Nature
Duration: 15 Days
USD 349
Surreal Gili Island Lombok Honeymoon
Duration: 4 Days
USD 75
Lombok’s Wonderfully Waterfalls Tour
Duration: 10 Hrs
USD 75
Lombok Bayan Ancient Village and Waterfall Tour
Duration: 10 Hrs
USD 69
Lombok Pink Beach Day Tour
Duration: 10 Hours
USD 69
Lombok Sasak Tribe Tour
Duration: 10 Hours
USD 599
Best of Lombok Honeymoon Package
Duration: 7 Days
USD 69
Lombok Gili Island Full Day Tour
Duration: 1 Days
USD 598
Lombok Gili Island Explore
Duration: 7 Days
USD 698
Lombok Culture and Nature Tour
Duration: 8 Days
USD 918
Lombok Classic Tour
Duration: 10 Days
USD 350
Mount Rinjani Expedition Trekking (Crater Rim Senaru – Lake)
Duration: 3 Days
USD 375
Mount Rinjani Summit Trekking Tour (Summit – Lake)
Duration: 3 Days
USD 2.699
Java Lombok Bali : Nature Culture and Volcano
Duration: 20 Days

Preferred Hotels

Whether you’re looking for a city-centred hotel, a relaxing beachside getaway or anything in between, we’ve found the very best accommodation to suit your needs and included them in our list of preferred Lombok hotels.

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