Islands of Moluccas

The idyllic islands of Maluku

Maluku or Moluccas is one of Indonesia Provinces that lay on Maluku Islands. The main city and the capital city is Ambon. Maluku is culturally and geographically associated with Melanesian. In 1999, Maluku was divided into North Maluku Province. Maluku ethnic is dominated by the Pacific Melanesian tribes, who were allied with Fiji, Tonga, and some of the islands which is spread all over the Pacific Ocean islands. Some proves are shown that Maluku has ties with the traditions of the Pacific Islands nations, such as language, folk songs, food, and household devices, and special instruments like Ukulele. Formerly, the indigenous has brown dark skin, frizzy hair, has strong bone, and has more athletic body than any other tribe in Indonesia, because they are an ethnic islands that have to be sailing and swimming, especially for their Men.

The idyllic islands of Maluku once played an unlikely but hugely important role in global geopolitics and economics. Between the 16th and 18th centuries, Maluku was the world’s only source of nutmeg, cloves and mace, then vital and very valuable commodities. The search and subsequent fight for control of the Spice Islands (known then as the Moluccas) helped kick-start European colonialism and, thanks to a series of wrong turns and one auspicious land swap, shaped the modern world. Once the islands’ spice monopoly was broken, Maluku returned to gentle obscurity. Today, the region is a little-visited tropical paradise that seems almost too good to be true. Inter-island transport can be a bit difficult to navigate but with flexibility and patience you can explore pristine reefs, stroll empty stretches of powdery white sand and climb perfectly formed volcanoes.

Ambon is the preferred gateway for tourists, and its airport is served by direct flights from Makassar or Surabaya. The city is the provincial capital and built on a hillside overlooking the bay. Furthermore, Ambon has a number of interesting historical and cultural sites. Many the remnants of forts built the Dutch East Indies Company during the heyday of the spice trade.

A typical itinerary takes travelers by speedboat to Saparua Island with its busy town markets and Duurstede Fort from Dutch colonial times, with its worth to see museum. Excursions to several nearby villages allow you to experience the simplistic rural life and daily routines of the locals, such as sago – processing and cooking.

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Explore Maluku Islands

Also known as the Moluccas or Spice Islands, the remote Maluku Islands are a forgotten part of Indonesia. The islands are blessed with peaceful swathes of white sand, picturesque villages and interesting history. Located to the east of Sulawesi, Maluku sprawls across to the Arafura Sea close to Papua making it one of the most remote places to visit in Indonesia. ‘Maluku’ is the name given to a range of islands here but within this you will also find clusters of smaller islands that make up their own tiny archipelago. 

Main reasons to visit include the chance to check out several gorgeous national parks as well as enjoy snorkeling in some of the best diving in this part of the world . The waters here are crystal clear and bursting with marine life, and if you like history then you can also check out some of the historic gems in the area, many of which date from the Second World War. This Indonesian hidden gem has marine life that rivals world-famous Raja Ampat in Papua and yet few tourists go there. Discover Maluku islands paradise destination before the rest of the world catches on. November to March is the best time to visit.

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