Lombok Pink Beach Day Tour

Duration: 10 Hours


Pink beaches are rare, that’s why there are only a few pink sandy beaches around the world! But there are a whopping two of them in Indonesia! The most famous one is in Komodo National Park, the other lesser known Pink Beach is in Lombok. Located in a remote area of Lombok’s east coast, Pink Beach is not an easy place to visit. It’s an off the beaten path destination, which is a bit difficult to reach. But mostly, when a place is difficult to reach, it means there’s a big chance that you will have the place for yourself! So we had to check it out, and went on a little ‘Pink Beach Lombok’ adventure with the moped. In this complete guide you will find all the information you need before you visit Pink Beach Lombok. How to get there, very important, because there are a few “Pink beaches” on the map. So which one to go to? Also important to take into account is the best time to visit Pink Beach Lombok. Because not on every time of the day and month is Pink Beach visible.

You might wonder how the sand on Pink beach gets its pink color. It’s basically the dead red corals that got crushed into thousands of broken coral pieces, combined with shells, and calcium carbonate materials left behind by tiny marine creatures with red and pink shells. Waves brought these dead red corals to the beach with white sand, and then these two colors of white and red became pink. But, you have to look pretty good to see any glints of a pink hue here. Pink beach is more of a strawberry-blonde shade, but it is still a nice spot to visit if you want to sunbathe on the sand or go for a swim.


This tour discovers the South East of Lombok with Pink Beach and Tanjung Ringgit as destinations  by boat  from Tanjung Luar where you can see more places like ; Sand Island,Tanjung Beloam,Pink Beach 2 And Pink Beach 1. Water activities and beach fun await you. Tanjung Ringgit features beside its stunning views an historic Japanese World War II site.



Depart after breakfast from your hotel in Lombok area, our guide will pick you up and start our program to Pink Beach on the east coast of Lombok. From here, start an exciting snorkeling excursion to  three different spots. First, snorkel at a spot near the beach which features lots of coral in different shapes and sizes. There are blue coral, purple coral and yellow coral. Then continue by boat to the two small islets of Gili Petelu, connected by an exotic beach. Gravel on this beach make the water very clear and perfect for discovering the underwater-world. While on one side of the islets it’s possible to encounter small reef sharks, the other side is usually swarmed by lots of colorful fish. Continue to some of the deserted beaches around this area to enjoy a snack lunch under the shade of a tree or on the  boat or relax on the beach. Next, sail to Tanjung Luar past a small island with a fishermen village and huge fishing nets on wooden structures built in the ocean, which are usually inhabited by sea gulls. From Tanjung Luar,  continue by car to Kuta. En route make a brief stop at a salt panning place, where sea salt is cooked in fire and collected in conical containers almost resembling ice cream cones. Drive back to your hotel for overnight.

More Information

Price: 90 / person


  • Air conditioned transportation during tour
  • Boat to Pink Beach from Tanjung Luar
  • Lunch Box
  • Mineral Water
  • English speaking guide
  • Entrance fee and donation
  • Children 2 to 5 years old are 50% of single charge


What To bring:

  • Change Of Cloth
  • Sun block / Sunscreen
  • Camera


 Vehicle Choice :

  • Toyota Avanza or APV

Departure time : 08.00 (Senggigi area)


  • Souvenir, Tipping for guide and other not mentioned in above program
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