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Andamari Phinisi Cruise Private Charter in Komodo Islands

Duration: 3 Days


Andamari Ship

Pure Paradise – Explore Your Wonderful Experience

Komodo Liveboard is one of the best activities that the tourist can do on Komodo Island. For this activity, we prepare a wonderful ship to support your leisure time and enjoying Komodo Island with the different way. The Andamari Phinisi boat is our second boat after The Adishree boat, built on 2019 and launched on June 2019 will be a great vehicle to enjoy the sea and feel the wind. With 7 knots for the speeds, you can get the relaxation effect as well and 12 Overnight guests capacity is the best number that will give you more privacy without too much noise.

Andamari Phinisi has 9 well trained and professional crews who will be glad to serve the guests with the best services. There are two cabin types for the guests: 1 Master Cabin with double bed and 4 cabins with double beds (plus 2 double bed and 4 twin bed). All cabins are equipped with air conditioner and they are equipped with ensuite bathrooms and hot water is also available. Some facilities that can be enjoyed are the Large outdoor area, indoor dining with lounge area, bar and flat screen TV. Besides that 3 sundecks with comfortable sofas and bean bags are also available to give more convenience for the guests. The guests can do the dive komodo to fill their leisure time. Safety is an aspect that becomes one of our main works.

That is why; 25 life vest, 6 life buoys and first aid kits are always available. GPS and Marine Radio and VHF Radio are also equipped on this ship. We can guarantee that Adishree Phinisi Liveaboard journey can perfectly fill your leisure time in the good way. Besides that, this is also a great experience to enjoy Komodo Island in the amazingly different ways.

Andamari Boat Specification

Built : 2019; Type : Phinisi; Dimension : 30m length, 7.95m  wide and 3m deep; Engine : 6D40 double turbo; Auxiliary power : 2 generators, 40 KVA; Speed : 7 knots; Fuel : 9 tons; Freshwater : 4 tons and water  maker; Capacity : 30 one day trip and 12 overnight guests; Crew : 9; Cabin : – 2 double rooms on the 3rd deck, – 4 cabin  with twin bed on the first deck; Facilities : -2 dining room with  AC, All rooms complete with AC, hot & cold shower, towels and safety box, Large outdoor area, – 3 sundecks ; Safety : – 25 life vest, – 2 life raft(15 persons per life raft), – 6 life buoys, – 6 pcs APAR, First aid kit; Navigations : Garmin GPS; Comunications : Marine radio, VHF radio


Absolute Paradise – Explore The Incredible Experience

There are some amazing destinations that you can experience here. Below is the complete list about those destinations.


The next and beautiful destination is the Padar island. It offers different things and views from the Rinca Island.

Padar island is a perfect place to see the appealing tree sister beach and other scenery. Tourists can carry out many interesting and fun activities such as trekking, snorkeling and diving. Some of the famous spots are Nero Point, Secret Garden, Tree Sister and Pillar Speen. This island is one of the Komodo islands that has three or four small islands with its unique scenery.The perfect spot to swim, snorkel, dive and other water activities is at the pink beach.


Rica or Loh Buaya is the only deck to park ship to access the Komodo island.

It is famous for its trekking. When you arrive, local “guards” will welcome you. They will act as your tour guides to keep you safe . They equip themselves with wooden sticks with branch tips to drive away the komodo dragons. Komodo is usually obscure among its surroundings. Another reason to keep safe is, this giant lizard is the main predator that feeds on deer, pig and cow. Tourists can watch the komodo targets and eat its prey.


The next famous location is Manta Point. It is popular for its diving and snorkeling. It’s uniqueness is the appearance of Manta Ray.. The rays are more than three meters in size.

While enjoying the rays, you have to be careful because its point has strong currents. It can drag you some metres away from the boat.

There are some tips for diving and snorkeling:

  1. Always check all your snorkeling or diving equipment.
    2. Bring your underwater camera.
    3. Wear a full body swim suit to protect from tiny jelly fish, They are not dangerous but still can be annoying,
    4. Always stay calm.


Batu Bolong is also an amazing site and heaven for snorkeling and diving. Many foreign travelers target this site as their destination. Moreover, Batu bolong is one of the best diving area in the Southeast Asia.

Travelers can view the Pinnacle rock that rises from a 75-meter depth in the strait between Tatawa Island and Komodo. You can only dive for certain hours when the downstream is not too strong. Please be alert that this spot is not suitable for beginner divers, thus only professional and licensed divers are allowed. Another attractive spot that will captivate anyone is the appealing natural coral wall. According to some travelers, the most ravishing location is on the north when topography is more precipitous. The underwater world with beautiful natural corals, colourful fish and underwater creatures is also the best part.


Gili Lawa is another island that offers beautiful panorama and it is famous for its sun set and sun rise. For this reason, many travelers always wait for this special moment.

Gili Lawa is divided into two areas; the land Gili Lawa (Gili Lawa Darat) and the Gili Lawa Sea ( Gili Lawa Laut). The Gili Lawa Darat is located between the Gili Lawa Laut and Komodo Island. The isle is covered with wide savannah. During the rainy season, it will turn into green and during the dry season, into yellow. The panorama mesmerizes anyone .

If you want to see more of this ravishing island, you definitely must trek. It takes 30 minutes to trek to the peak. The plain is rough and tourists should put on a pair of sport shoes. However, your tiredness will be paid off once you reach the top, because you’ll view the amazing green hills and bright blue sky. Gili Lawa also offers great adventure in the sea. Many beautiful sea creatures and corals can be found. It is one of the best to execute your diving hobby, so don’t forget to bring your underwater camera.


Kalong Island is a solitary island and it is the best place for just floating on your boat and witness millions of bats or kalong. Kalong means bats in the Indonesian language.

Every day, foreign tourists visit to watch this unique state. Bats will fly from their nests or shelter at 6.00 pm. They will return the next day and we do not have any idea where they fly to. This recur daily. Visitors can only see these bats from their boats near the Kalong Island because there is no dock.

Many visitors are impressed when watching the bats fly away seeking for food. However, we do not know where they seek. Visitors come in the afternoon to snorkel and dive in the calm sea, while waiting to watch millions of bats to fly out .


The next destination you can try is Pink Rock. It is a beach with beautiful pink sand. It is located in the west side of Komodo Island. The sea water is magnificent and the pink sand is the main attraction. After strolling the Komodo Island, have a relaxing time on this beach. Visitors can also dive and snorkel.

This site offers you the beautiful underwater world with its gorgeous sea creatures and colorful corals. It also allows you to photograph underwater.

So, bring your underwater camera, taking pictures on the iconic pink sand is wonderful.

We guarantee your friend will envy, and Pink Beach is a good getaway for the ravishing natural beach scenery.


More Information

  • Air-conditioned private transportation transfer from Komodo Airport to the Pier
  • Mineral water during tour
  • 2 nights accommodation with 6 bedrooms with private bathroom for max.12 persons
  • Daily full board maximal 12 persons during cruises
  • Professional English speaking guide during cruises
  • Entrance fees to Komodo islands
  • Diving during Liveaboard
  • Alcohol drinks
  • Suggested tipping USD.25 per person(guest) per day
  • Other meals not mentioned in program
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