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Akashic Yoga Journey

Duration: 2 Hours


Join Marie and Martin with their loving unconditional couple energy to take you on the Akashic Yoga Journey at Pyramids of Chi . Receive your personal intention read by Marie from the Akashic records to integrate throughout your Vinyasa yoga practice. It is inherent to human nature to sometimes feel out of sync or disharmonious. To rebalance, we integrate the breath, mantras, mudras and meditation as balancing tools. Flow through a guided yoga practice based on the current planetary constellation.

Martin gently supports each posture with gongs and crystal bowls to deepen the experience softly. Immerse into a sound bath during a long Savasana including gongs, crystal bowls, drums, guitar and other instruments. Let your soul travel to the deeper realms of yourself. Hear the image Marie has seen for you in the Akashic records and feel free to talk about it in our sharing circle.

The Akashic records are your soul book stored in an invisible library surrounding us all. All thoughts, actions, and developments that happen in the universe are stored in the Akashic records. All this information is already available – in the NOW. Martin’s and Marie’s idea behind the Akashic Yoga Journey is to integrate a message from your soul level on your way to self-realization.

Practicing inside a pyramid adds a powerful ingredient on your journey, making this a unique and unforgettable experience. To ensure everyone gets the most out of this journey, groups are limited to a maximum of 14 yogis.

In short, what you experience during this session:

  • Our loving and unconditional couple energy
  • Receiving your personal intention for the Vinyasa yoga practice read for you from the Akashic records – your soul book
  • Support from the whole universe with a holistic Vinyasa Yoga practice based the current planetary constellation
  • Extra strength for your whole yoga practice through the gong and other instruments
  • A sound bath during Savasana
  • Hearing a description of the image Marie has seen in your akashic records
  • A sharing circle to release what is on your heart

Every Tuesday and Friday in the Earth Pyramid
Tuesday 9:30-11:30 am
Friday 3:00-5:00 pm

All levels are welcome. Please come in yoga wear.

Including : Return transfer from Ubud hotels – Pyramids of Chi for minimum 2 persons booking

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