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Venture Off The Beaten Track To Discover Sumatra

Sumatra is an huge Indonesian island southwest of Southeast Asia and east of Java. Situated just a few miles across the important Straits of Malacca from Singapore and Malaysia, it is covered by mountains and plateaus in the west and wide, flat, swampy lowlands and brown meandering rivers in the east. Sumatra remains a wild place with some stunning scenery and beautiful places despite undergoing rapid development in recent decades. Even though vast tracts of lowland forest have been cleared, large areas of forests till remain in the highlands. Some of the highest concentrations of large animals in Asia are found in Sumatra’s mountain parks. Offshore are islands with some of the world’s best surfing spots

Sumatra is the world’s fifth largest island, covering 473,605 square kilometers. Nearly bisected by the equator, it is 1,100 miles long and accounts for 24.7 percent of Indonesia’s land area. A long chain of mountains—the Bukit Barisan—run northwest-southeast and parallel to the west coast of the island. There are around 100 volcanos on the island, with 15 or so of them active ones. Many are over 3000 meters. The highest mountain in Indonesia outside Papua is the 3805-meter-high Sumatran volcano Gunung Kerinci.

The Gunung Leuser National Park is a protected jungle area in North Sumatra where you can see all kinds of animals, including tigers, rare birds & lizards, orangutans, and much more. Tangkahan is in the utilization zone of Gunung Leuser National Park with an area of ​​3,837.77 hectares and is intended for recreational activities. There visitors can see the Tangkahan landscape which is a blend of natural forest and around it there are oil palm, rubber and citrus plantations, as well as rural areas, rivers, hills, natural caves and valleys which are a tourist attraction. Indonesia Impression tour can help you venture off the beaten track to discover this world’s most amazing places where Tangkahan is an ecotourism area within the Gunung Leuser National Park. The location is between two villages namely Namo Sialang Village and Sei Serdang Village. Because of its beauty and uniqueness, Tangkahan is touted as The Hidden Paradise in North Sumatra.

Tangkahan offers unforgettable ecotourism activities, coupled with stunning natural scenery, fresh air, and various tourist activities that can be done. Of course, there visitors can see directly the wild elephants that have become the icon of Tangkahan. Exploring the wild is an alternative tourism activity that can be done in Indonesia. Not only has beautiful scenery, Indonesia is also rich in biodiversity and is a plus point for several tourist destinations. As can be seen in Tangkahan, Langkat, North Sumatra. Every trip is designed so you can truly experience local culture — to meet local people, try local food, take local transport and stay in local accommodations.

The Tangkahan Elephant Sanctuary is a hidden paradise in Indonesia where you can wash and play with semi-wild Sumatra elephants in their natural environment. This riverside elephant sanctuary sits on the edge of the Gunung Leuser National Park, which is one of the most important (and threatened) rainforests in the world, and the jungle has a great variety of rare animals.

The Tangkahan Elephant Sanctuary is easy to visit from the popular orangutan trekking hub of Bukit Lawang, or there’s even some Tangkahan accommodation starting to pop up for people who might want to stay with the Sumatra elephants longer. To reach Tangkahan you must fly to the nearest international airport in the city of Medan (KNO) in North Sumatra, Indonesia. There is daily flights from places like Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta starting with continue drive about 3+ hour drive from Medan city, or 2 hours from Bukit Lawang.

A true hidden paradise in North Sumatra for nature lovers

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