Wellness & Yoga Retreats

Bali Wellness & Yoga Retreats

We pick our favorite spa spots that offer full head-to-toe treatments, Balinese Spa massage, and more to pamper yourself and your loved ones. The spas in Bali range across various price segments, from budget to mid-range all the way up to luxury. A variety of Bali wellness holidays services such as aromatherapy, mud baths, herbal body scrubs can all be availed at the various spas. Bali wellness massages and other Bali traditional herbal treatments are famous throughout the world. It is no surprise Bali would be home to some of the best centers for such massages and treatments

Our Bali wellness holidays range from Bali traditional spa, yoga retreats in Bali and luxury detox Spa retreats in Ubud to full-on training (triathlons and trail running, anyone ? ). Lets look beyond what you’d expect of a healthy Bali holiday too. You could wind up brushing up on your Spanish after a morning meditating amongst the Sidemen Mountains or sailing the Nusa Lembongan coastline to search out the most peaceful place to practice your downward dog. Browse our Bali wellness holidays to see which break is right for you.

USD 125
Bali Wellness Holistic Escape
Duration: 9 Hours
USD 39
Bali Traditional Spa Signature
Duration: 2 Hours
USD 45
Bali Ancient Sound Healing
Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
USD 45
Bali Crystal Alchemy Night
Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
USD 45
Bali Manifestation Cacao Ceremony
Duration: 3 Hours
USD 55
Balance and Bloom
Duration: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
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USD 799
Kamandalu Yoga Retreats Package
Duration: 4 Days
USD 2.250
Yoga Retreat in Bali ; An Oasis Where Jungle Meets Sea
Duration: 13 Days
USD 1.999
Rejuvenate Bali Yoga Retreat
Duration: 15 Days
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Wellness & Yoga Retreat Hotels

There are numerous options when it comes to attending a Bali retreat for your holiday in island of the Gods . We have been professionally design and organizing Bali wellness and yoga retreats. Check out the best Bali retreat centers below. Many of them offer to just rent a room and make use of the daily yoga classes for your own individual Bali retreat. Close to the ocean or in the middle of the rice fields? Among the crowds or rather remote? Whatever your preferences, find some choices for a Bali retreat here.

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