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Indonesia Impression Tour offering phinisi cruise liveaboard Indonesia services for travelers a truly unforgettable experiences throughout the outer islands of Indonesia.This private Indonesia phinisi cruises liveaboard package caters for families, couples and groups who want a first-class option for diving, snorkeling and island hopping in complete adventures.

Indonesia is renowned for its world-class diving sites. Let us take you on a diving tour to see the incredible marine life of Indonesia archipelago with Indonesia phinisi cruises liveaboard package. Liveaboard on Indonesia phinisi cruises and enjoy accommodation whilst doing the best diving Indonesia has to offer. Whichever destination you chose for your underwater adventure, experience the best diving experience of your life.

Indonesia’s tropical climate and pleasantly warm ocean surfaces made it possible for you to enjoy diving and snorkeling all year-long. General temperature estimates are 25 to 29 degree Celsius. Meet an array of amazing sea creatures like you’ve never imagined. Swim with the manta rays or observe the mysterious sharks. Greet the vibrant frogfish and say hello to the seahorses. Experience Indonesia phinisi cruises liveaboard package for most colorful snorkeling and diving explorations of your life in Indonesia.

USD 5,858
Adishree Phinisi Boat Private Charter in Komodo Islands
Duration: 3 Days
USD 6,858
Andamari Phinisi Cruise Private Charter in Komodo Islands
Duration: 3 Days
USD 445 night
Raja Ampat Snorkeling Liveaboard; The Last Paradise on Earth
Duration: 7 Days
USD 5.250
Indonesia Sea Safari Cruise Liveaboard Charter
Duration: Custom Cruise
USD 4.999
Raja Ampat Liveaboard Charter Pearl of Papua
Duration: 5D4N Raja Ampat Expedition
USD 499
Discover Komodo in Rinca Island
Duration: 2 Days