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Multi Island Indonesia Packages by visiting Borneo, Lombok , Satonda , Moyo Island and Bali

Taking your vacation in Indonesia on a multi island tours ? With 17.600 islands, Indonesia are presenting with a particular challenge for traveler : how can you make the best tours of this diverse country in a limited time ? An multi island Indonesia vacation package is the most convenient way to book your trip and save on domestic airfare and hotel. Each Indonesia Island travel package includes roundtrip domestic airfare, hotel, meals, & various cultural activities. Indonesia Impression multi island Indonesia vacation package deals change everyday so if you see something you like, book it before it’s gone. Mostly multi island Indonesia vacation packages include meet with a locals, culture activities, wildlife adventure, stay at one of the many hotels on each island; relax at a world-class luxury resort or choose a budget-friendly accommodation that still offers the amenities and ambiance you would expect in paradise.

For new traveler to Indonesia, personally Indonesia Impression select and recommend some of destination where you start with, so you have better overview about Indonesia, in each destination you will experience culture trip, wildlife trip, adventure overland trip and many more ;

Jakarta is The capital of the Republic of Indonesia ,one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Southeast Asia. Previously known as Batavia, it was the de facto capital of the Dutch East Indies. In the early 20th century, the Dutch East Indies government attempted to relocate the capital from Batavia to Bandung. During Indonesia’s struggle for independence, the Indonesian government moved the capital to Yogyakarta and then to Bukittinggi, where it remained for a short time until the restoration of control to Jakarta.

Visit Tanjung Puting National Park with Indonesia Impression to see the cute and hairy orangutans in the largest wild orangutan population. You will aboard the klotok boat and cruise along the Sekonyer River to get up close with orangutans. Observe the way they live and don’t forget to prepare your camera to snap a lot of pictures of the slow apes and other cute monkeys before they hide over the tree because they’re a bit shy! Enjoy your time on a klotok boat and fill your belly up with lunch and dinner that will be provided on board.

Located in the southern part of Lombok Island, namely in Pujut District, Central Lombok, Sade Cultural Tourism Village lies quietly. This village has been standing strong and gracefully against the force of modernization while embracing their traditionality, which has been maintained and cared for 15 generations. In the language of the Sasak tribe in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), sade means medicine or consciousness.

The culture of Sasak tribe in Sade Village has blended well with Islamic teachings. All social affairs, such as marriage, are settled at the mosque or Baruga Sekenam which is located to the left of the entrance to the traditional house area. In order to preserve the authenticity of the residents, Sade Village implements the one-family wedding custom, which means that Sade people cannot marry a person outside their tribe.

One other thing that is unique about the culture of Sade Village is its tradition of eloping (kawin lari). If a man wants to propose to a woman to be his wife, he must kidnap the girl and hide her from their family. The duration of the kidnapping and hiding could not be determined. It could be days or even months. Until at a time that was deemed appropriate, a messenger from the man’s side will visit the woman’s family to inform her location and discuss the proposal and marriage plans after a consensus is reached by both parties.

Satonda ; A gorgeous small island, located in the northernmost of the main island of Sumbawa, only 20 minutes off the shore of Nanga Miro – Dompu regency. Uninhabited island with an area of 535 acre, mostly of its area is mountainous, with the highest level at 350 meters from the sea level. The lake of Motitoi with an area of 950 meter in longest diameter, and 450 meter in shortest diameter lies wonderfully in the middle of the island.

You can wander through the forest, and that will be a great activity to have the sweetest sight on the island, to the height of 150 meters from the sea level, where you can gaze down on the tranquil blue water of Motitoi lake, and feel the fresh air that gently touch you. Some wishing stones are hung on the tree’s twig, it is firstly hanged by a couple from Germany that wished a baby in their live. since that time, in the year of 1991, the couple come back to the island and asked some locals from some villages at the slope of Mount Tambora to accompany them to the island, a goat was an offering as an embodiment to thanks to God as they got what they have wished

Moyo Island, at the mouth of Saleh Bay, has a nature reserve with wild oxen, deer, wild boars and a great variety bird species. Visits are best made during the dry season from June through August. A few kilometers of the north coast of Sumbawa, the national park island of Moyo Island is probably the most rewarding destination in Sumbawa, surrounded by beautiful coral reefs and home to wild pig, monitor lizards, 21 species of bat, huge herds of native deer and hordes of crab-eating macaques. The best time to visit is in June and July, though the seas are clear and quiet from April. There are basic private rooms at the PHPA post at Tanjung Pasir on the south coast, where most boats from the mainland arrive. Renting a fishing boat from Tanjung Pasir and going fifteen minutes east to Stama reef is very rewarding, with lots of sharks and turtles.

An impressive trip with Indonesia Impression to visit the magnificently crafted 11th century temples around Bali. Start off at Goa Gajah, a cave that was previously used by monks and hermits for praying. The gaping mouth of this famous Elephant Cave forms an entrance to the cave depicting leaves, rocks, animals, ocean waves and demonic human shapes. Following this, visit a traditional temple, Samuan Tiga in Bedulu, before heading to Gunung Kawi,our last destination. Along the journey ,take in the breathtaking views of the rice terraces to your left and right before reaching an ancient tomb carved out of the rock face of the Pakerisan River

Select some of the recommend destination for independent travelers. Then choose from a smorgasbord of further travel experiences like yoga retreats or wellness treatment in Bali, excursions or your favorite destinations in Indonesia  and we will design and organize your personalized Indonesia holiday of a lifetime. Indonesia Impression will take care to plan and organize your Indonesia tour in every detail – airport transfers, culture activities, sightseeing and excursions with qualified local guides, reservations for hotels right in the historic centres, admission and events tickets.

If you’re unsure about one of the Indonesia trip components, please visit our link : or just send message to one of our Travel Designer who will help you to design proper program for your multi island tours in Indonesia by email . Please note that you may choose multiple options program before you decide one of them

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