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Yoga Searcher Bali Uluwatu



Your yoga retreat center in Uluwatu - South Bali

From the traditional 19th century Javanese’s wooden Joglo house crafted from premium teakwood in the historic towns of Kudus and Demak in Central Java – an area where skilled artisans have developed the art of carving wood to the highest degree of refinement. To build a joglo was an art, a performance and the artisan would fast and meditate before performing specific tasks in the building process. In Java, Joglos belong to the past and are slowly fading away, so we used this antique wood to reproduce this traditional architecture lodges that offer you a slice of local culture and history!! 100% of the wood used has been recycled from those old houses. Furthermore, we save all roof rain water in big tank installed under the buildings.

Apart from the spiritual goals, the physical postures of yoga are used to alleviate health problems, reduce stress and make the spine supple in contemporary times. Yoga is also used as a complete exercise program and physical therapy routine. The benefits of yoga in the modern world have been truly amazing for most people. Yoga allows them to recover their strength and in addition to let go of so much stress that they build up in their life. Continue reading and discover how great yoga retreats are for your inner beauty.

We offer daily yoga classes and on request also for one-on-one yoga classes with a private teacher. To make total relaxation complete, enjoy our organic spa and spa menu, with local and organic recipes for treatments. Of course, healthy eating is a must. The 'Muz Kitchen' menu features delicious, traditional dishes made exclusively from local and organic ingredients. Our private eco-lodge bungalows are made from 100% recycled wood and offer you a piece of local culture. These traditional Joglos (Javanese houses) are made from high quality teak wood. Our resort nested on the cliffs of Bali, is about 500 meter away from the world class beaches of Padang – Padang Beach and about 200 meter away from the famous Uluwatu surf spots.


Jalan Labuan Sait Suluban, Pecatu (Uluwatu ) 80364 Bali Indonesia

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