Discover Toraja Lombok Bali Culture & Nature


Upon arrival in the morning  at Hasanuddin International Airport of  Makassar, meet with your guide and proceed to Rammang-rammang Village (the karst mountain) for a short walk on the rice fields, continue onboard a motorized fisherman boat to visit Kampung Berua and the traditional Bugis/Makassar Village. Light trek in the countryside to explore the local  life is planned. Continue your visit by car to discover  Leang-Leang Cave and Parang Tinggia Village to see hundred of bats nested surrounding trees, quiet impressing.

After breakfast, transfer to the airport to catch your flight to Palopo (not available daily) . On arrival in Palopo, drive to  Toraja (2,5 hours). En route visit Old Mosque and the traditional fisherman village in Palopo. We will drive on many curves and ascend road till we reach the altitude of 1000 m where you will witness superb views of rain forest and Palopo City from a distance. As we approach Toraja Land, the view gradually changes to rice terraces, traditional houses and unique Toraja Village. Arrive in Toraja in the afternoon, check in for overnight.

After breakfast, visit the fascinating villages of Tana Toraja with the unique Tongkonan Houses shaped like a ship bow and stern. Continue with LEMO, a grave yard on the cliff, SUAYA some old royal stone graves of the seventh king and SANGGALA, the tree for the dead babies. Then having lunch in a local restaurant. After lunch visit LONDA, ancient natural graves and puppets on the balcony representing the dead. Continue with visiting  KETEKESU, traditional Toraja Village.

After breakfast, visit buffaloes market, the local market then dropped off at a traditional village where you will start  trekking to the northern part of Toraja, deep into the country side. Trek up and down the hills passing through Toraja Villages, we will admire the beautiful landscape of Toraja countryside, rice terraces, old houses, coffee and cacao plantation, old graves etc. We will have the chance to see Toraja people doing their daily activities, people taking palm wine from palm tree, pounding rice, drying coffee etc. We will be walking on the footpath, rice terraces for about 3 – 4 hours (depending on your fitness level), late afternoon transfer back to hotel by car. Please be informed, if any funeral ceremony take place and guest is interested to see, then itinerary will be rearranged by guide on the spot to suit with guests preference.

After breakfast, transfer to Airport in Palopo (2.5 hours drive) to catch your flight (not available daily) back to Makassar then continue flight to Bali . Arrive in Bali, then transfer to your hotel in Sanur area for overnight .

Free Days on the Beach

Leave Gili trawangan early morning to Bangsal harbor, Lombok by local boat. Then we drive to Mataram city . The ethnic and religious diversity of the island and its population consisting of Sasak people, Balinese Hindus, and other ethnicities from further west and east in Indonesia becomes visible on a tour through the most interesting places and sites around the bustling yet relaxed capital city Mataram.

Visit the bustling Kebon Roek Market where, during the busy morning hours, locals are immersed in the daily activities of trading goods such as vegetables, spices, fish and meats as well as tobacco and other agricultural goods. This market is where all communities blend together. Visit Mayura Water Palace with its “floating pavilion” built in the middle of an artificial lake surrounded by mangosteen trees. It is part of the former kingdom of Karangasem in East Bali and was built in 1744. It combines both Hindu and Islamic architectural features and is quite a sight to behold. Continue to Lingsar Temple in the outskirts of Mataram to discover a fascinating syncretism between Balinese Hinduism and Lombok’s mystical take on Islam, the so called Waktu Telu. Built in 1714 by King Anak Agung Ngurah, the beautiful complex is nestled among rice fields and hosts different shrines with locational relationships to both the islands’ holy mountains. Nearby Pura Agung Narmada has been built as the summer palace of King of Mataram in 1805. When he was no longer able to climb the mighty Mount Rinjani to make offerings in the crater-lake Segara Anak, he built the palace as replica of the volcano and its lake. Narmada Palace and Park invite for a stroll through lush gardens that also host a swimming pool fed by natural holy springs. Drive to Tete Batu for overnight

Today after breakfast, begin a trek across the rice fields, plantations and fruit gardens of Tetebatu. Depending on the season, different crops are grown such as chilies, tobacco, and fruits like rambutan, jackfruit or durian and guavas. Farmers are usually busy with seeding, ploughing or harvesting and a trek through the fields and forests gives unique insight into the lifestyle of the rural community. Pass a monkey forest where, with a bit of luck, it’s possible to see monkeys jumping from tree to tree before arriving at the scenic Tibu Topat Waterfall. Enjoy the soothing waters of this gorgeous spot and be sure to snap a few photos. Afterwards, return by car to the hotel in Tetebatu. Upon arrival, take some time to freshen up before checking out. We will drive to Sade Sasak traditional village with stop on the way for lunch. Then we will drive to Lombok Kuta beach for overnight .

After breakfast, be picked up from the hotel by the guide and driver then transfer to Pink Beach on the east coast of Lombok. From here, start an exciting snorkeling excursion to  three different spots.

First, snorkel at a spot near the beach which features lots of coral in different shapes and sizes. There are blue coral, purple coral and yellow coral. Then continue by boat to the two small islets of Gili Petelu, connected by an exotic beach. Gravel on this beach make the water very clear and perfect for discovering the underwater-world. While on one side of the islets it’s possible to encounter small reef sharks, the other side is usually swarmed by lots of colorful fish. Continue to some of the deserted beaches around this area to enjoy a snack lunch under the shade of a tree or on the  boat or relax on the beach. Next, sail to Tanjung Luar past a small island with a fishermen village and huge fishing nets on wooden structures built in the ocean, which are usually inhabited by sea gulls. From Tanjung Luar,  continue by car to Kuta. En route make a brief stop at a salt panning place, where sea salt is cooked in fire and collected in conical containers almost resembling ice cream cones. Return to Kuta late in the afternoon for overnight .

Breakfast at hotel. Flight to Bali . Upon arrival in Bali, transfer to your hotel in Ubud for overnight

Leave hotel early morning with first stop will be Penglipuran ; one of traditional village in Bali, Continue the tour and visit another ancient village called Bayung Gede which is believed to be the one from which all the ancient villages of Bali derive. Many people come here to see the hanging newborn placentas, unique to Bayung Gede. In Trunyan, the bodies of the dead are placed on the ground without burial, but here it is the placenta that is not buried. It is the only village in Indonesia to have this custom then drive to Kintamani for lunch while overview of lake and mount Batur. After lunch we will drive to Gunung Kawi Tampak Siring and Tegallalang rice paddies before back to hotel for rest.

Take part in a day of shamanic healing and spiritual cleansing at Tirta Empul Temple. Firstly we will meet the Balinese healer near Ubud who will combines Yagna, Yatra and Mantra healing practices. The Yagna practice is performed to remove the negative factors in life, and to help find peace and happiness. Mantra practice, performed by reciting mantras, removes the lower vibrations of your system and elevates your energy. A mantra is a precise combination of sacred sounds, which forms a core of spiritual energy to stimulate high spiritual vibrations, inducing spiritual awakening and invigoration. The Yantra practice is designed to remove the afflictions that prevent you from achieving a certain goal. This can result in the removal of obstacles in your career or the bad intentions of your enemies. The ritual also protects you from negative forces, heals your aura and balances your chakra. The whole ritual is known as melukat by the locals and is done to spiritually purify the mind and soul. It can be practiced in any place considered sacred by the Balinese, then we will drive to Tirta Empul temple for most recommended this kind of purification.

After this first experience, we head a Balinese lunch in Ubud and after lunch we will visit Ubud palace and Monkey Forest before we back to hotel for overnight

Breakfast at hotel. Check out time at hotel at 12.00 noon . Transfer to Airport at 22.00 for your flight home

Surreal Gili Island Lombok Honeymoon

Depart from Padang Bay harbour Bali in early morning at 09.00 and Arrival at Gili Trawangan about 11.30 am and check in time at Villa Ombak Gili Trawangan will be at 14.00 , but while waiting for check in time, you can enjoy your day by relax on the beach and Snorkeling or diving (Optional) .

Relax and swimming on the beach or snorkeling around the island while late afternoon leave Gili Trawangan for transfer to Lombok island. Arrive in hotel for check in and free program.

Breakfast at hotel . Free days and relax on the beach or enjoy optional activities 

Leave your hotel at the designated time for fascinating places that offer you the experience of rural life of the indigenous Sasak of Lombok island and their fine handy crafts. This tour will give you a chance to meet and greet the native people and learn their traditions.

  1. Banyumulek Pottery Village Before Lombok tourism industry is better grown, Banyumulek potters manufactured earthenware only for household use. Nowadays, however, they produce many decorative export quality potteries. You will be taken to wander around the village to see the villagers make potteries at their homes, as part of their daily lives.
  2. Sukarara Weaving Village The weaving talent of Sukerara girls is preserved by a traditional belief that a girl should be able to weave sarongs to be worn in the “first night” by her husband and herself. In today’s life, they weave sarongs, Songket, and Ikat weaving to support their family’s economy. Try to weave your own fabric here or simply dress up in traditional wedding dress for picture making.
  3. Sade Traditional Village Sade is one of rustic villages where Sasak indigenous still live in humble traditional thatched roof houses. The dwellers still keep their old tradition and arts. Based on request, they occasionally play their traditional music and perform dances in the village hall. You can also see girls weave sarongs here as in Sukarara. They normally invite visitors to enter one of the houses to allow them to observe the house more carefully. The most unique part of the house is the floor which is coated with buffalo dunk to protect the surface.
  4. Kuta Beach, Lombok ,The pristine beach of Kuta is a perfect paradise for surfers and an ideal place to sunbath. Swimming is also good during high tide in the turquoise crystal clear water. Otherwise, simply walk on the granular strikingly white sand bare feet to feel natural foot reflection. After getting cured by the foot reflection, you’ll be back to the hotel.

After completion of the program, our guide will transfer you to Lombok Airport for your flight to next destination/Bali. End of tour in Lombok

Lombok’s Wonderfully Waterfalls Tour

This tour covers the area of Lombok’s Northeast and North. First stop, after a 30 minutes drive from Senggigi is the Autore Pearl Farm. Further tour stops include Tiu Teja Waterfall ; Tiu Teja is located in Desa Santong North Lombok. This twin waterfall is one of the most popular waterfalls on Lombok Island. The waterfall is surrounded by the beautiful forest, so its much looks peaceful to spend your day here. You can have a shower or pictures then continue to Tiu Kelep Waterfall in Senaru village before visit Malimbu Hill for great view during sunset. Back to hotel for overnight.

Lombok Bayan Ancient Village and Waterfall Tour

Mount Rinjani is one of Lombok’s most memorable natural wonders, but you don’t have to hike the volcano to enjoy the surrounding scenery. This private full-day tour will take you the highlights of the Bayan Beleq Mosque, one of the oldest mosque in Lombok .This mosque was built by Syeh Gaus Abdul Razak, one of Islam missionary in Bayan in 16th century. The mosque has square shape with wall’s height around 125 cm. the wall is made from bamboo weaving which stands on stone foundation as high as an adult’s waist. The roof is shape like meru and in the top of it there is wood decoration which shape like a crown. The shape of the roof building describes the Hindu-Java influence which came before Islam. In front of the mosque, precisely in the north side of the mosque door, there is a gentong (an earthen pot uses to keep water supply). The gentong is sat and tied to a semboja tree. This gentong functions to keep the water for wudhu (an Islam procedure to clean the body before praying).To enter the mosque, you have to bow a bit. Inside the mosque, you will see floor from land, and an old big bedug (a large suspended drum used to signal the time for Islamic prayers to begin) which still well preserved. The four pillars of the mosque symbolize the unity of four villages which contributed in building the mosque, then we will continue drive to Rinjani National Park to visit Sendang Gile waterfall. Lunch will be served at local restaurant. After lunch we will drive to Mataram city with stop at Pusuk Hill ; famous with it is great view and groups of monkey. Last before back to hotel we will visit Lingsar Temple; one of the oldest Hindus temple in Lombok island.

Best of Lombok Honeymoon Package

Transfer to Padang Bay for speed boat to Gili Trawangan about 1.30 minutes. Upon arrival transfer to hotel by CIDOMO (horse cart ) and relax on the beach

This tour is designed specifically to look at all the three Gili Islands in one day. Start with explore by boat to the GIli  Air for snorkel, swim or just relax on the beach. Then enjoy the large coral reefs in Gili Meno, where can you find corals as well as blue in the next stop and lunch will serve at local restaurant. And back to Gili Trawangan , quiet to relax and sunbathe on the white sandy beaches .Return to the hotel

Breakfast at hotel and leave Gili Trawangan at noon. Upon arrival in Lombok, meet and greet with our guide for transfer to Jeeva Klui Resort for overnight. Clear day you can enjoy sunset with free afternoon tea time.

Ever wanted to learn more about Lombok cuisine? This cooking class is a great way to learn more about this delicious cuisine in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Depart from your hotel and embark on a gastronomic adventure through the city. Your first stop is at a local market where personal assistants help you choose the fresh ingredients, such as vegetables, herbs, meat, and spices that you will use for your cooking class. Learn the secrets of preparing Lombok food with the ingredients you have chosen. Expert chefs are on hand to provide guidance and assistance throughout the cooking class.

Breakfast and check out from hotel .we start the day by visit traditional Sasak tribe village at KARANG BAYAN to see villager with their daily activity, SURANADI TEMPLE, beautiful rice terrace at SEDAU, and then to BENANG KELAMBU and BENANG SETOKEL Waterfalls. Drive to Tanjung Bloam for overnight

Breakfast at hotel and then leave hotel for  Pink Beach to swim and relax then to Sand Island for snorkelling . Lunch will served at Jeeva Bloam . Enjoy free Spa signature from hotel

Breakfast at hotel and then transfer to Lombok International Airport for your flight to next destination 

Lombok Gili Island Explore

Arrive in Lombok International Airport . Meet and greet with our guide then transfer to your hotel in Senggigi for overnight

Breakfast at hotel. Drive to visit Kebon Roek traditional market. Pass Mataram city capital of West Nusa Tenggara, Taman Mayura , Narmada Royal Park ;heritage of Royal Karang Asem Kingdom .Drive to Tetebatu for overnight

Breakfast at hotel . Then we will guide you on one of the many paths around Tetebatu village and show you the beautiful scenery, Rice-Paddies, Monkey-Forest, Waterfalls and Life.
We will visit a waterfall like Burung Walet Waterfall And Kokok Duren Waterfall, is reached via a pleasant two hour walk through charming rice paddies. Our local people say the waters there are a cure for baldness.
Monkey Forest is a gentle 4km walk north of Tetebatu. Expect lots of macaques and some pleasant scenery and waterfalls.

Breakfast at hotel. Then transfer to Gili trawangan by car and speed boat from Teluk Nare Bay for overnight

Transfer by speed boat to Lombok for your travel to Airport catch flight to next destination

Lombok Culture and Nature Tour

Arrive in Lombok International Airport . Meet and greet with our guide then transfer to your hotel in Tetebatu Village for overnight 

Breakfast at hotel . Then we will guide you on one of the many paths around Tetebatu village and show you the beautiful scenery, Rice-Paddies, Monkey-Forest, Waterfalls and Life.
We will visit a waterfall like Burung Walet Waterfall And Kokok Duren Waterfall, is reached via a pleasant two hour walk through charming rice paddies. Our local people say the waters there are a cure for baldness.
Monkey Forest is a gentle 4km walk north of Tetebatu. Expect lots of macaques and some pleasant scenery and waterfalls.

Breakfast at hotel. Depart for visit Sade Village popular with it is Lombok traditional house ,then continue to Sukarare for hand weaving village .Stop at Narmada Park as heritage of Karang Asem Kingdom. Pass Mataram city as capital of West Nusa Tenggara .Last visit Banyumulek ; handmade pottery village in Lombok before overnight in Senggigi .

Depart after breakfast for Bayan traditional mosque then continue to Sendang Gile waterfall. After lunch drive to Bangsal harbor by speed boat to Gili Trawangan for overnight

Breakfast at hotel. Relax on the beach or take optional activities

Breakfast at hotel. Relax on the beach or take optional activities

Breakfast at hotel. Catch speed boat to Bali for destination